Welcome to Hampi Heritage and Wilderness Resort , Bellary , India

Hampi Heritage and Wilderness Resort

Beautifully located in the Hampi, Sloth Bear Resort is a 2 star accommodation. The property is situated 15.2 km from the Hospet Junction and at walking distance from the nearby bus stop. The property is an ideal place for those who come for sightseeing purposes as it is very near to many sightseeing places such as Elephant Stables.

Mornings are best spent covering the heritage sites at Hampi which is broadly divided into the Sacred Centre, the Royal Centre, Urban Core and Suburban sites. Across the River Tungabhadra lies Anegundi, known as Kishkinda in the Ramayana with its old-world charm – quaint houses, aqueducts irrigating its paddy fields and mythological milestones. 

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